Background score coming of age?

Recent scores in films like ‘Kahaani’ and ‘Ishaqzaade’ have been getting their due in terms of attention and critical appreciation. What better time to be given the oppurtunity to work on a score myself!

Its great that new directors are looking to draw from the western style of scoring wherein the music does not state the obvious that you can see on the screen but plays around it or in some cases( Scorcese ) just does the opposite of what you see. Im having a great time working on these preproduction ideas as the director wants some music to inspire him while shooting. It might be extra work but its fun extra work.
So here are some work-in-progress tracks. See what you think of them and feel free to comment on how they make you feel. Will really help!

Headrush(WIP) by ashanker

character sketch by ashanker

Hoping to get comments on these.

Also working on a few songs and score for a really cool alternative hindi film with my friend Arfaaz K( ). Will post some of that stuff soon.


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